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Pink Nail Lounge

1460 Eldridge Pkwy #100 Houston, TX 77077

Mon-Sat: 9:30 am- 7 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm

Call: 832-295-3120

About us

About Us

The nail salon Pink Nail Lounge & Boutique is located on  1460 Eldridge Parkway #100, Houston, Texas 77077. Our nail salon offers the most affordable prices and the most professional. Pink Nail Lounge & Boutique salon Eldridge Parkway #100 was founded to provide the most outstanding nail and spa services to residents. Safety, demand, and customer happiness are all priorities for us.

Our mission is to make each one of our customers feel welcome and unique!
Our professional personnel will provide you with excellent service and welcoming smiles at all times. Our salon offers the best in terms of style, quality, and customer service to our clients. We invite you to try out our services and see the difference.
Customers value safety and hygiene; Pink Nail Lounge & Boutique understands this. Before being utilized again, our electrical appliances, equipment, and instruments are properly cleaned and approved for disinfection and disinfection. Our personnel has been educated to follow correct disinfection methods and prioritize customer cleanliness. We are happy to serve you.

Let your nail define the beauty

We focus on offering an exceptional experience for our customers and are rated as one of the best spa and nail salons in the Eldridge Parkway #100  area. We have a competent staff with at least 2-3 years of expertise to help us. We use cutting-edge technology and machines and high-quality nail polish, and a variety of imaginative nail patterns

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